Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Angel On Earth

Standing under the shade of a Oak tree,
She looked so gorgeous and carefree,
Every time I look at her, my heart jumps with glee,
Wish I could be her Honey and she my bee.

She looked so innocent and naive,
Her eyes darker than a deep cave,
Lush hair curled like a sea wave,
I looked at her and a smile I gave.

She was a little shy but she returned the smile,
A sight so exquisite, one could see from a mile,
A look at her was like drinking a elixir filled vile,
I gave her a hug without waiting for a while.

She kissed my eyes and her lips were so cold,
Her cheeks were like soft clay mold,
For me she is more precious than a mountain of gold,
After all she is my sister’s six year old.