Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Angel On Earth

Standing under the shade of a Oak tree,
She looked so gorgeous and carefree,
Every time I look at her, my heart jumps with glee,
Wish I could be her Honey and she my bee.

She looked so innocent and naive,
Her eyes darker than a deep cave,
Lush hair curled like a sea wave,
I looked at her and a smile I gave.

She was a little shy but she returned the smile,
A sight so exquisite, one could see from a mile,
A look at her was like drinking a elixir filled vile,
I gave her a hug without waiting for a while.

She kissed my eyes and her lips were so cold,
Her cheeks were like soft clay mold,
For me she is more precious than a mountain of gold,
After all she is my sister’s six year old.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Treasure Island

It was the month of May,
I was walking along a bay,
Suddenly I found a hidden way,
At the end of which, a box lay.

Remembering a story my mama told
Imagined it to be full of gold,
Made myself a bit more bold,
But still my hands were very cold.

Buried in some stones the box was laid,
Dug it out with my spade,
Cut it open with my blade,
With cardboard it was made.

The box was light, but hard,
Coated with a little lard,
Opened it up taking guard,
In it I found my brothers report card.


I thought, I thought, I thought,
I ran I thought, I swam I thought,
I walked I thought I, talked I thought,
I thought, I thought, I thought.
I Limped, I thought, I jumped I thought,
I prayed I thought, I frayed I thought,
I thought, I thought, I thought.
I laughed, I thought, I puffed I thought,
I mowed I thought, I rowed I thought
I thought, I thought, I thought.
I paid I thought, I played I thought,
I wept I thought, I swept I thought.
I thought, I thought, I thought.
And then I thought, what I thought.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Recipe For Disaster

Thick smoke has engulfed my house,
Waking up my sleeping spouse,
I was running around looking for something to douse,
First time I had seen something scarier than marriage vows.

The smoke started to turn into fire,
Engulfing the curtains, I had bought on hire,
The flames started growing higher and higher
The consequences of which would be dire.

The house was slowly turning into a bing,
And every second passing was like a bee sting,
But then my heart started to sing,
When I heard the Bells of the fire engine ring,

Then I saw my wife coming towards me like a teg,
Shaped like a barrel, or more like a keg.
I was expecting a kick form her big fat leg,
Instead she said " Next time tell me, when you try to cook a egg"

Friday, December 30, 2005

Ride Of My Life

Billy was a cute little boy,
Not well built, but shaped like a Koi,
Living in his own world with a toy,
A little doll, that gave him lots of joy.

I knew Billy as a very good friend,
Usually drove with him until the highway bend,
A feeble little boy who, could not defend,
Ask for help and his right hand he would extend.

Today I plan to drive in my pick-up car,
My pet sedan, which I named ' Highway star'.
Drive around the park, not very far,
And have a drink, in the coffee bar.

I said to Billy " Hop in the car lad"
We were going for a drive like we always had,
But then what I heard drove me mad,
"I’m busy for the drive," said my dad.

Friday, December 23, 2005

A Humble Prayer

I cried and prayed to the lord
Like a baby with a just broken umbilical chord
Hoping my prayer would give the expected reward,
Which was neither a diamond nor a golden rod.

My prayers were heavy and intense,
Which always are when I am tense,
And god finally decided to end all the nonsense,
By standing in front of me and showing his presence.

He asked, " Is this something to do with your last wish"
You had asked for a wife, when I offered you a golden fish,
Even refusing a endless supply of your favourite dish,
The words form his lips were coming like swish.

I said, " Please take back this wife of twenty"
I prefer staying alone till I am seventy,
To which god replied " sorry son that I can’t guarantee"
Since when I send them I don’t give a warranty.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Piggy Bank

I was walking in the rain
All my efforts had been in vain,
With only loss and no gain,
All my money had gone down the drain.

Fore every penny lost my heart pauses,
So now I stopped counting the losses,
But how can I forget the silly causes,
Now I'll go home and listen to Gun's n roses.

Now that I am totally broke,
Seeing me even a frog wont croak,
If I don't act before I soak,
People will make me a joke.

Enough troubles I already had,
Now before my miseries start to add,
Or even before I start to turn mad,
I better say " give me some money dad."

Curse Of A Nation

He is rich but acts poor,
He has a car that's for sure,
Most of the time he is on a tour,
Around aristocrats he'll hover.

Sometimes he acts funny and crazy,
But most of the time he is lazy,
Staying only in places which are cozy,
He always acts like he is very busy.

He earns money, by being cunning
Behind wealth he keeps running,
Living by making a honest earning,
Is some thing he'll never start learning.

He is the head of every association,
Ad he doesn't take any suggestion,
He makes money vanish like a magician,
This is a short introduction of our beloved Politician.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Rain Drops Keep Falling on my.....

As the tiny raindrop fell on my nose,
I stopped watering my garden with the hose,
My garden filled with flowers like Lily and rose,
Can make anyone stand on their toes.

Then all of a suddenly it started to pour cats and dogs,
Drenching my years supply of fire wood logs,
People walking for shelter began to jog,
The only creature not troubled was a dirty little hog.

Today nature had done my every-day's job,
Watering the lilies and the tree of cob,
Now I'll fry some ham on the hob,
And then start to tune the T.V. knob.

Then I heard some noise from the garden which I dote,
I rushed there hoping not to see a goat,
Instead I found my sister in a moat
Watering the garden wearing my raincoat.

My Ambition In Life.

When My mom asked me " What you'd Like to be son?"
I said I'll be an astronaut and go to the sun,
Or I'll be a weightlifter and lift one ton,
Or I'll be a baker and bake fresh hot bun.

Then my brother asked "what you'd like to be brother?"
I said I'll make quilts of cotton and feather,
Or I'll make jackets of fine silk and leather,
Or I'll be a meteorologist and predict weather.

Then my sister asked " what you'd like to be young man?"
I said I'll make or repair ceiling fan,
Or I'll make lotions for people who tan,
Or I'll be a driver and drive a truck or a van.

Then my dad said "decide and tell what you'll be my child"
I thought and thought my thoughts ran far and wide,
My thoughts were hard but my face looked mild,
When I replied " I'll spend all the money which you have piled"

All For A Small Cause

I was driving down the street,
Wondering where to give her the treat,
Should it be a dinner or just a sweet,
Making her happy was really a big feat.

As I turned left, down the road,
I changed my thinking mode,
These women I felt lack code,
Understanding them is really a big load.

I first met her, when she asked me for a lift,
So to make her happy better give her a gift,
Thinking this I started driving in a swift,
Before our relationship could drift.

If you are wondering whom I am talking about,
Its certainly my wife, without any doubt,
Do you know why she is acting like a lout?
It's because I said "you're a little stout."

Garden Of Eden

I was in my garden, plucking the blossoms,
When my eye fell on a rose so red and awesome,
It spoke to me and said it was feeling lonesome,
So I picked it up and kept close to my bosom.

It said you are sweet and kind,
My thorns may hurt you, but please don't mind
So I replied "A rose like you I'll never Find"
Whose petals with gold are lined.

I said to the rose, your perfume I wanna smell,
And get the feeling of falling in a bottomless well,
And listen to the sound of my heads ringing bell,
As I said this the rose from my hand fell.

The rose started moaning in pain,
Its sound was louder, than the whistle of a train,
By then I heard some noise that sounded like rain,
But It was my wife shouting " You're drunk again!"

The Longest Day

As on my bed I lay,
I was woken by the suns first ray,
This was going to be my first day,
The day I was waiting for is come today.

I take a walk on the beach sand,
With my Walkman playing a rock n roll band,
Yesterday some thing happened totally unplanned,
I had won the lottery of a Million grand.

Now as I drive to receive the prize,
With my eager wide open eyes,
My excitement is on a rise,
My life had finally played the big dice.

The though of money made me drool,
I entered the office and kept my cool,
I was offered a seat and I sat on a stool
Then out came my friends and said "April Fool"

Twisted Tale Of A Housewife

As my boat, I row down the calm lake,
Staring at the ripples caused by my boats wake,
The hard heart in me becomes soft like a cake,
What serenity around me, which no man can make.

Then a gust of wind blew across my boat,
Bowing my hair and my coat,
I take a fresh look at the lake which I dote,
And see a man in who's hands a fishing rod tote.

What a pity to hook a jolly good fish,
A free swimming creature ends up on a dish,
When they swim in their water they looks so swish,
Their death comes even without a last wish.

Like the fish I hope this man meets his end,
For hooking poor little fish, who cannot defend,
In anger a bunch of curses I decided to send,
But soon realised that he was my dear husband.

The Flight of Icarus.

It was going to be my first trip by flight,
And the look on my face Wasn't a pretty sight,
The very thought of flying at a height,
Made me heavy and my stomach light.

Although my flight wouldn't be very long
Flying for me is harder than listening to a sad song,
And what will happen if any thing goes wrong,
At this very thought my head felt like a gong.

Sitting at home I was waiting for time to pass,
I was afraid and my body stiff like brass
In case I fall, I hope I fall on grass,
And hoped that the air would lift my mass.

With fear I started to sweat and cry,
My mom came and asked me why,
And when I replied "I'm scared to be High"
She said " It happens to all Birds when they learn to fly"

The Sixth Sense

The night was dark and cold,
To step out of the house one had to be bold,
Although my house was haunted and old,
"Stay in" that's what I was told.

I heard my Grandma call me downstairs,
She was nice, but her voice was like a bear,
Her face was full of wrinkles and her head had no hair,
And it was she who looked after me and took my care.

She told me " Son go out and check the noise"
It certainly wasn't coming from my toys,
So there was only one choice,
It must have been the neighborhood boys.

As I stepped out of the house I heard two children boast,
I thought ill call them and give them toast,
So I went near them like a perfect host,
But at my sight they ran off shouting " Ghost"

All In a Day's Work

Five young men were walking down the street,
Their Dress looked, new, very tidy and neat,
Their Steps seemed to follow a particular beat,
It appeared that they were back form some feat.

I wondered, why were they so happy and gay,
Is it because they had received their pay,
Or just because it was the month of May,
And when I asked this is what they had to say.

One said that he had just won a million buck,
The other had just bought a farm of duck,
The third had won a contract to supply puck,
The fourth said he had got all the worlds luck.

But all four of them said that they endorse,
That the fifth one was luck's source
and before the word "why" from my mouth could force,
They all said " He just got a Divorce"