Monday, December 12, 2005

Rain Drops Keep Falling on my.....

As the tiny raindrop fell on my nose,
I stopped watering my garden with the hose,
My garden filled with flowers like Lily and rose,
Can make anyone stand on their toes.

Then all of a suddenly it started to pour cats and dogs,
Drenching my years supply of fire wood logs,
People walking for shelter began to jog,
The only creature not troubled was a dirty little hog.

Today nature had done my every-day's job,
Watering the lilies and the tree of cob,
Now I'll fry some ham on the hob,
And then start to tune the T.V. knob.

Then I heard some noise from the garden which I dote,
I rushed there hoping not to see a goat,
Instead I found my sister in a moat
Watering the garden wearing my raincoat.

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