Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Day That Never Was

I'm expecting to receive a bottle of wine,
That's what she gives me during Valentine,
Attached to the bottle, a card, with a line,
That usually reads "You are always mine."

I could here her car stop by my door,
In joy me heart started to roar ,
I could wait for her no more,
Without her my life was really a bore .

Her face looked a little sour,
Although she was late by an hour,
She neither had a bottle or a flower ,
But in her hand she held a cover.

I stared at her in appreciation ,
Her presence bought a lot of consolation.
I opened the cover with a lot of expectation ,
In it i found her wedding invitation.


Anonymous said...

Heyyy D...

I must say this is a really nice one... I keep saying tht t al yr other poems.... where do u get these from man... they r al kick ass!!!!
Keep it up dude....


shubs said...

Hey all u'r poems are really good. I liked this one especially!
keep doing the good job!