Friday, December 02, 2005

Santa's Way

I met Santa on my way,
Hey Santa I asked "where you stay?"
With hair and beard so white and grey
I don't believe north pole is your way.

I walk up and down the lanes,
Sneaking in through the window panes,
Giving children trains and planes,
Said Santa and gave me some manes.

I thanked Santa for his gift
And clever Santa asked me for a lift,
But I replied in a swift,
That I have no sledge to drift.

Santa said you are a good lad
But some of your habits very bad
Hearing this I felt very sad
But soon I knew Santa was my dad.

Note: This is a old poem I wrote couple of years back. It was Selected by, to be included in their 2005 spring edition "Eternal Portraits Series". Just thought It deserved a place in this trash


Anonymous said...

Hi Delson,

This poem is mind boggling ,especially liked the ending.Never expected that the poem would turn that way. EXCELLENT!!!!

Keep writing!!


Anonymous said...

tat was great del