Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Angel On Earth

Standing under the shade of a Oak tree,
She looked so gorgeous and carefree,
Every time I look at her, my heart jumps with glee,
Wish I could be her Honey and she my bee.

She looked so innocent and naive,
Her eyes darker than a deep cave,
Lush hair curled like a sea wave,
I looked at her and a smile I gave.

She was a little shy but she returned the smile,
A sight so exquisite, one could see from a mile,
A look at her was like drinking a elixir filled vile,
I gave her a hug without waiting for a while.

She kissed my eyes and her lips were so cold,
Her cheeks were like soft clay mold,
For me she is more precious than a mountain of gold,
After all she is my sister’s six year old.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Treasure Island

It was the month of May,
I was walking along a bay,
Suddenly I found a hidden way,
At the end of which, a box lay.

Remembering a story my mama told
Imagined it to be full of gold,
Made myself a bit more bold,
But still my hands were very cold.

Buried in some stones the box was laid,
Dug it out with my spade,
Cut it open with my blade,
With cardboard it was made.

The box was light, but hard,
Coated with a little lard,
Opened it up taking guard,
In it I found my brothers report card.


I thought, I thought, I thought,
I ran I thought, I swam I thought,
I walked I thought I, talked I thought,
I thought, I thought, I thought.
I Limped, I thought, I jumped I thought,
I prayed I thought, I frayed I thought,
I thought, I thought, I thought.
I laughed, I thought, I puffed I thought,
I mowed I thought, I rowed I thought
I thought, I thought, I thought.
I paid I thought, I played I thought,
I wept I thought, I swept I thought.
I thought, I thought, I thought.
And then I thought, what I thought.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Recipe For Disaster

Thick smoke has engulfed my house,
Waking up my sleeping spouse,
I was running around looking for something to douse,
First time I had seen something scarier than marriage vows.

The smoke started to turn into fire,
Engulfing the curtains, I had bought on hire,
The flames started growing higher and higher
The consequences of which would be dire.

The house was slowly turning into a bing,
And every second passing was like a bee sting,
But then my heart started to sing,
When I heard the Bells of the fire engine ring,

Then I saw my wife coming towards me like a teg,
Shaped like a barrel, or more like a keg.
I was expecting a kick form her big fat leg,
Instead she said " Next time tell me, when you try to cook a egg"