Sunday, January 01, 2006

Recipe For Disaster

Thick smoke has engulfed my house,
Waking up my sleeping spouse,
I was running around looking for something to douse,
First time I had seen something scarier than marriage vows.

The smoke started to turn into fire,
Engulfing the curtains, I had bought on hire,
The flames started growing higher and higher
The consequences of which would be dire.

The house was slowly turning into a bing,
And every second passing was like a bee sting,
But then my heart started to sing,
When I heard the Bells of the fire engine ring,

Then I saw my wife coming towards me like a teg,
Shaped like a barrel, or more like a keg.
I was expecting a kick form her big fat leg,
Instead she said " Next time tell me, when you try to cook a egg"

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Anonymous said...


Very cute...... Loved it....