Friday, December 30, 2005

Ride Of My Life

Billy was a cute little boy,
Not well built, but shaped like a Koi,
Living in his own world with a toy,
A little doll, that gave him lots of joy.

I knew Billy as a very good friend,
Usually drove with him until the highway bend,
A feeble little boy who, could not defend,
Ask for help and his right hand he would extend.

Today I plan to drive in my pick-up car,
My pet sedan, which I named ' Highway star'.
Drive around the park, not very far,
And have a drink, in the coffee bar.

I said to Billy " Hop in the car lad"
We were going for a drive like we always had,
But then what I heard drove me mad,
"I’m busy for the drive," said my dad.

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