Friday, December 23, 2005

A Humble Prayer

I cried and prayed to the lord
Like a baby with a just broken umbilical chord
Hoping my prayer would give the expected reward,
Which was neither a diamond nor a golden rod.

My prayers were heavy and intense,
Which always are when I am tense,
And god finally decided to end all the nonsense,
By standing in front of me and showing his presence.

He asked, " Is this something to do with your last wish"
You had asked for a wife, when I offered you a golden fish,
Even refusing a endless supply of your favourite dish,
The words form his lips were coming like swish.

I said, " Please take back this wife of twenty"
I prefer staying alone till I am seventy,
To which god replied " sorry son that I can’t guarantee"
Since when I send them I don’t give a warranty.

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Anonymous said...

Funny but beautifully written......