Friday, December 02, 2005

A Day At School

It was a lazy month of June,
Just hoped it would end soon,
With a soup bowl and a spoon,
I was watching a T.V. cartoon.

I had just come back from school,
A place where a genius becomes a fool,
With dummies called teachers as it's tool
The place is certainly not cool.

Going to school is a big headache,
A pain that I certainly cannot take
Sitting on the same chair and being awake,
I feel like a cake that is about to bake.

With books bigger than Everest,
The last word I here is rest,
With exams , practicals, and test,
It is the most dangerous pest

Kid cute like a blooming Aster,
Is made to work really faster,
Unlike a chapels proud pastor
I am my school's stupid headmaster.

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