Monday, December 12, 2005

Garden Of Eden

I was in my garden, plucking the blossoms,
When my eye fell on a rose so red and awesome,
It spoke to me and said it was feeling lonesome,
So I picked it up and kept close to my bosom.

It said you are sweet and kind,
My thorns may hurt you, but please don't mind
So I replied "A rose like you I'll never Find"
Whose petals with gold are lined.

I said to the rose, your perfume I wanna smell,
And get the feeling of falling in a bottomless well,
And listen to the sound of my heads ringing bell,
As I said this the rose from my hand fell.

The rose started moaning in pain,
Its sound was louder, than the whistle of a train,
By then I heard some noise that sounded like rain,
But It was my wife shouting " You're drunk again!"

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