Monday, December 12, 2005

The Flight of Icarus.

It was going to be my first trip by flight,
And the look on my face Wasn't a pretty sight,
The very thought of flying at a height,
Made me heavy and my stomach light.

Although my flight wouldn't be very long
Flying for me is harder than listening to a sad song,
And what will happen if any thing goes wrong,
At this very thought my head felt like a gong.

Sitting at home I was waiting for time to pass,
I was afraid and my body stiff like brass
In case I fall, I hope I fall on grass,
And hoped that the air would lift my mass.

With fear I started to sweat and cry,
My mom came and asked me why,
And when I replied "I'm scared to be High"
She said " It happens to all Birds when they learn to fly"

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