Monday, December 12, 2005

All In a Day's Work

Five young men were walking down the street,
Their Dress looked, new, very tidy and neat,
Their Steps seemed to follow a particular beat,
It appeared that they were back form some feat.

I wondered, why were they so happy and gay,
Is it because they had received their pay,
Or just because it was the month of May,
And when I asked this is what they had to say.

One said that he had just won a million buck,
The other had just bought a farm of duck,
The third had won a contract to supply puck,
The fourth said he had got all the worlds luck.

But all four of them said that they endorse,
That the fifth one was luck's source
and before the word "why" from my mouth could force,
They all said " He just got a Divorce"

1 comment:

vatsala said...

I relished this.. and had a hearty laugh! I am your fan. Didnt know there was a poetic streak in you!