Monday, December 12, 2005

My Ambition In Life.

When My mom asked me " What you'd Like to be son?"
I said I'll be an astronaut and go to the sun,
Or I'll be a weightlifter and lift one ton,
Or I'll be a baker and bake fresh hot bun.

Then my brother asked "what you'd like to be brother?"
I said I'll make quilts of cotton and feather,
Or I'll make jackets of fine silk and leather,
Or I'll be a meteorologist and predict weather.

Then my sister asked " what you'd like to be young man?"
I said I'll make or repair ceiling fan,
Or I'll make lotions for people who tan,
Or I'll be a driver and drive a truck or a van.

Then my dad said "decide and tell what you'll be my child"
I thought and thought my thoughts ran far and wide,
My thoughts were hard but my face looked mild,
When I replied " I'll spend all the money which you have piled"


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sarah said...

nice !..really nice !....i am harpreet's friend from biocon....even my sister is a could check out her blog- zeroedtopoetry


ashwati said...

hey what a lovely poem !!

ashwati said...

hey what a lovely poem !!