Monday, December 12, 2005

Twisted Tale Of A Housewife

As my boat, I row down the calm lake,
Staring at the ripples caused by my boats wake,
The hard heart in me becomes soft like a cake,
What serenity around me, which no man can make.

Then a gust of wind blew across my boat,
Bowing my hair and my coat,
I take a fresh look at the lake which I dote,
And see a man in who's hands a fishing rod tote.

What a pity to hook a jolly good fish,
A free swimming creature ends up on a dish,
When they swim in their water they looks so swish,
Their death comes even without a last wish.

Like the fish I hope this man meets his end,
For hooking poor little fish, who cannot defend,
In anger a bunch of curses I decided to send,
But soon realised that he was my dear husband.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmm.... Very strange

vatsala said...

Excellent!! Touching and had an ironic message.
So the three in the pic must promise, that they will never kill a fish, nor eat it even if someone served it on their dish, no matter who killed it.... :)